What I Will Write About.

Hi everyone

So I said I will post everyday but I found it hard to post everyday as work keeps me busy and I forget about blogging. I am making a plan though on what to write everyday, which will be easier.

I also found a notebook that I bought a few years ago from Kikki.K whilst I was decluttering. I totally forgot about it and I was so happy when I found it. I love the geometric shapes and colourful pages so I am going to use this notebook for my blog so I can write my ideas and thoughts down.

Photo 7-1-18, 4 58 03 pm

Hopefully I will get more inspiration too!

So here’s what is going to happen this week:

Monday – My Week

I will do a weekly update where I keep you updated on what happened the previous week.

Tuesday – Tuesday Treat (original, right?)

It’s my day off so I will try to go somewhere new to eat so I can write a review on the food and give you a Tuesday treat.

Wednesday – Washi Tape Wednesday

This is a blog about stationery after all so I will be reviewing washi tape, talking about washi tape and taking photos of washi tape. I just love washi tape as it is so versatile.

Thursday – 

Any ideas…?? Or maybe I should have this day off.

Friday –   Feel good Friday

Posting quotes and talking about inspirational, motivational and positive stuff that will make you feel good.

Saturday –  Sticker Haul Saturday

This where I will show my stickers that I bought recently and do a sticker haul.

Sunday – Plan with Me

Showing you how I plan my week ahead using stickers, stationery, and my planner.

Please follow my blog and hope you will stick around! Thank you for your patience. My programme will start tomorrow. Please also leave any ideas below for Thursday. I would take it into consideration.

Happy reading!

Love Nat xx

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