My Week #1: 1 January to 7 January 2018

Hi everyone

Happy Monday! Thanks to all my new followers and for those that have left a comment recently. It is great to hear from you!

Last week was pretty hectic with work. I worked on New Year’s Day from 7:30 AM to 2:00 PM so like I said in my previous post I had a quiet New Year’s Eve as I had to wake up at 6:00 AM on New Year’s Day. Well, I set my alarm for 5:30 AM but then I stayed in bed until 6:00 AM or maybe it was slightly after. I can’t remember.

I didn’t do much on Tuesday though, which is normally my day off. I just stayed at home  and tried to remind myself to drink more water as that’s one of my New Year’s resolutions… to drink 8 glasses of water a day. You can check out my ‘hello 2018‘ post where I talk about my New Year’s resolutions and had updated as I realised I had made mistakes in that post. I’m not perfect – no one is.

I then had work on Wednesday from 7:35 AM to 5:40 PM. It was a long day. Wednesdays are usually my long days though. If you don’t know what I do for work then I will tell you now. I work in aged care as a home support worker so I visit the older people’s homes and assist them to live independently in their homes and community. I help with personal care, medication, transport, shopping, respite, social support, meal prep and domestic. It’s quite a hard job and stressful at times but it’s also very rewarding. I wouldn’t have stuck to it for 3 years if I didn’t like it. So I enjoy it (but lately not so much) and I have been working at the same company for nearly four years in March. Most of the staff are really nice even though there’s been a lot of changes with staff recently and my clients are really nice, which I am grateful for.

On Thursday 4 January, I was suppose to start work from 9:00 AM but then I turned up at a client’s house and the client didn’t need my service for that day so I had to ring the office to let them know to make it the next fortnight. So I went back home and started at 12:15 PM and finished at 4:45 PM instead of 1:45 PM because I got an extra client to cover. On Friday, I had work from 7:35 AM to 3:00 PM which wasn’t so bad and I’m glad I got to finish early because I had a dinner with a friend who was moving to Perth in two weeks time. I’ve known her for a long time as she was my classmate in high school so I’ve known her for at least 13 years. She’s one of my close friends and I’m grateful that we still keep in touch.

Saturday was a long day and a hot one. It was 41 degrees Celsius as it is summer here in Australia. I had work from 8:10 AM to 6:00 PM with a couple of hours break in between. It’s no wonder I did a mistake with medication that day due to the heat and lack of concentration because of the heat so I’m paying for it now. It’s not a major mistake as I realised I had broken the seal from a webster pack for the wrong day but I closed it back and I had not touched the medication so I reported it. But apparently that’s not the right procedure so I got told what I should have done today and now had to fill out an incident form, and to fill out a medication checklist for two weeks. It’s not as bad as it seems but in my mind I’m feeling bad about it and stressing out about it but I’m reframing my thoughts and trying not to worry about it too much like my New Year’s resolution tells me to do!

On Sunday, I didn’t go to body balance as I felt tired and lazy from work the previous day. I had lunch with my parents. We went to Schnithouse at Hilton Plaza, which is just down the road from mine so I walked there. It used to be Billy Baxter’s but it closed down a few days ago and Schnithouse opened, which is a German franchise. I tried their crumbed chicken schnitzel with mushroom sauce, chips and salad. It was tasty, and tender but a little bit salty. The salad looked a bit withered and so I didn’t eat it.


I also had an alcoholic drink called spritz, which was really nice. It is an alcoholic version of lemon, lime and bitters with blood orange in it. The place was really busy and the staff were really friendly like they kept on asking if they could take our plate every ten minutes or so towards the end. I prefer it if they just clear our table when we leave.


I was then going to go to a Pyschic Fair in the city but then I had lunch late with my parents and the fair finished at 3:00 PM so by the time we finished it was nearly 2:30 PM so no point in going to town as it would have finished when we get there. However, I am in interested in astrology, and learning about my future, especially my love life but that’s another story.

Anyways, it was not a bad week but not really exciting either. I’ve just been busy with work, which is good as after having four weeks of sick leave, you realise how important being able to work is. How was your week? Hope your week was more exciting then mine!

Happy reading!

Love Nat xx

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