Washi Tape Wednesday: My Most Used Washi Tape

Hi everyone

Today is Washi Tape Wednesday. I hope you had a good day today. I had a busy day. I had work from 7:35 AM to 5:40 PM so it’s been a long day. Wednesday is my longest day at work. It was stressful today as I had to cover a client for medication at the last minute that I had never seen before. I was in Port Adelaide so I had to go all the way back to Taperoo and I’m getting anxiety now when doing medications as I have to be extra extra careful now. I was extra careful before except for that one minor mistake. Usually I am the one finding other people’s mistakes with medication. One of my biggest fears is being fired from a job? I really hope that doesn’t happen to me.  

Anyways, onto a happier topic that destresses me… I love washi tape as it’s so versatile. You can use washi tape for sealing envelopes, wrapping presents, decorating your planner, sticking things on the wall, scrapbooking and lots more. What do you use washi tape for? These are my washi tapes that I have been using the most recently. I got the washi tape bird holder from Washi Lane but I don’t think they sell it anymore. Washi Lane is an Australian online business that sells washi tape. I love supporting fellow Aussies so I buy most of my washi tape from there but I haven’t lately.  I can’t remember where I got these ones on the washi tape holder though as I’ve had them for a very long time but I’m guessing they are from Washi Lane.

Photo 10-1-18, 7 08 23 pm(2)

I’ve used mostly summer themed washi tape lately. Starting from the left is a pineapple washi tape followed by one that says aloha and has got palm trees. I then have a washi tape that has red, navy and light blue dots on it which will be great for Australia Day that is coming up but I’ve used that for wrapping presents as well. The last washi tape, which is nearly running out as I’ve used that for wrapping presents, packages and sticking things on the wall. I love the last one as it is nice, simple and colourful with the green, pink and yellow dots. Show me your most used washi tape! Let me know if you want to see my washi tape collection as I’ve got a whole box full.

Photo 10-1-18, 7 35 06 pm

This is how I used the green, pink and yellow dotted washi tape on my planner from November 27 to November 29. Enjoy! Can you guess what the theme is?

I will be posting tomorrow as I figured out what tomorrow’s topic will be so stay tuned not stationery-related. Please follow my Facebook page Natsmyplanner to join my community and to keep up-to-date with latest notifications. I would appreciate it alot and thank you in advance. Happy reading!

Love Nat xx




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