Feel Good Friday: Think Happy Be Happy

Hi everyone

It’s Friyay! I hope you all had a good week. I didn’t end up posting yesterday because I was too tired from work and I just didn’t feel like writing my thoughts down. Thursday is going to be where I post My Thoughts for the Week like I will post my bullet journal or journals as I have been doing some journal-ling lately.

I am going to a French festival tonight at Pinky Flat called So Frenchy So Chic. There will be live music, and good food celebrating the French culture although it hasn’t been a nice day today. It’s been humid, cloudy and raining even though it’s Summer. Funny weather as yesterday was hot, sunny and a little bit cloudy. I’m not sure what I’m going to wear tonight. I was going to wear shorts or a long skirt but because of the weather I think I might just wear a long skirt with stockings. I’m having a rest now before I get ready to go out but before I do that I thought I’d blog.

Photo 12-1-18, 3 59 06 pm

I need to work on ‘think happy be happy’ as I haven’t been thinking positively this week. There were so many emotions this week. I have felt pain from my Endometriosis, pain from my muscles and joints but there have also been pain free days. I have been sensitive and emotional, and felt sadness when I have been thinking about not being able to have children and seeing my sister with her children. I have been stressed, anxious and depressed but also have had happy days this week. So many emotions this week that I hope next week will have less emotions. I don’t know who came up with that quote but it’s a simple yet inspirational or motivational quote.

I found it written in a quote card box from Kikki.K but I’m not sure where the actual quote card is. What’s your quote of the week? Hope you have a great weekend or had a great week.

Happy reading!

Love Nat xx



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