My Week #3: January 15 to January 21 2018

Hi everyone

I took a few days off because I wasn’t in the right mindset to blog. Now I’m back again with a My Week post. On January 15, I had work from 7:30 AM to 3:20 PM. I didn’t go to my parent’s house for dinner because I was so tired from the last three days as I was out socialising.

Photo 22-1-18, 8 40 58 pm

It was my day off on Tuesday January 16. I didn’t do much on Tuesday. On Wednesday, I had work from 7:35 AM to 5:40 PM so it was a long day. Thursday, I had work and Friday I had work from 7:35 AM to 3:25 PM. It’s now the weekend but I had work on Saturday from 8:10 AM to 6:00 PM. Saturday was a long day at work. I had a morning shift until around 11:00 AM then I had to wait for a few hours until 5:00 PM for my afternoon shift, which was just one hour. I wish I didn’t have to go to that afternoon shift as I was invited to a friend’s wedding but I was put down to work that afternoon so I missed it. I didn’t feel like being by myself on Saturday after a boring day of just work so I asked a few friends out for dinner. They were happy to keep me company and they were my close friends like my second family so we caught up for dinner.

We were going to go to Sushi Bar Konnichiwa for dinner but it was closed for renovations so then we ended up going to a Chinese restaurant called Wang-derful, which was next door to Little NNQ and near Konnichiwa. We decided to try it out so we went in and it was quiet, which was good as I don’t like it when it’s too crowded. Staff were quite friendly, you get to choose your dishes from an iPad menu. One of my friends and I ended up sharing and her sister ended up sharing with her partner. They were good sizes and not that expensive too. My friend and I ordered the wheat gluten mushroom, drunken chicken, and different types of the famous soup dumplings or xiaolongbao. I had my own pork chop noodle soup, which was nice but I couldn’t finish it and I forgot to takeaway. I also tried a green pumpkin juice which I liked. It then started to get busy around 8:00 PM. I would go back there again as they had traditional Chinese dishes that you don’t really see often.

Drunken chicken
These buns take a while to cook so need to order them first
The soup dumplings are in those steamed containers. They are so yummy and delicate as the soup comes out of the dumplings when you bite it so you have to put it on a spoon to eat it so the soup doesn’t disappear or go everywhere. The green can on the right is my green pumpkin juice. So good!

After Wang-derful, we went to have ice cream at Gelatissimo but I did not have any. I was so full from dinner. It was a lovely night. My friend that I shared dinner with ended up staying to chat and to do karaoke at my house so we had a few drinks and laughs. Then her sister came and joined us after a party she went too after dinner. They didn’t leave until 1:00 AM so it was a late night but a lovely one. Just what I needed but I was so tired by the end of it.

On Sunday, I had my body balance class from 10:30 AM to 11:30 AM. I hadn’t been for a couple of weeks because of the holidays so it was good to go back again. I have decided to be healthy by doing more exercise and also go on a low carb diet because I eat too much pasta and rice. It will be hard for me as I eat pasta almost everyday and rice is a staple food for Asians so I have to try to be strict. Just eat less carbs and more meat and vegetables. So far I’ve done well.

We were going to take my aunty out for lunch but the nursing home she is living in has a few residents that have gastro so she’s in lock down at the moment and we can’t take her out. Mum, dad and I in the end went to Sushi Bar Genki. It’s been a while since I’ve been there but the standard has gone downhill. They also use ipad menus but their customer service was lost because of it. Sushi Bar Genki didn’t seem as friendly as Sushi Train. And the ingredients didn’t seem as fresh especially the sashimi. I noticed some of the sushi wasn’t covered on the train, which is not good especially during the hot weather and the flies will land on it. I wouldn’t go back to Sushi Bar Genki not for a while anyways.

I then went home and I hadn’t been feeling well. I still get pain more like someone is stretching my lower abdomen and it makes me feel irritable and have low moods. It turned out I missed the pill that day so that’s probably why but I get pain even when I don’t miss a pill. I’m seeing my physiotherapist tomorrow so I will tell her I still get pain and I’m also seeing my gynecologist again in February for another check-up.

Do you like my weekly spread? One page is simple and the other page is complex. Simplicity vs. Complexity. How was your week?

Happy reading!

Love Nat xx




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