Tuesday Treat: Muffin Break West Lakes

Hi everyone

The day isn’t over yet. It’s only 10:30 pm so I can still post a Tuesday Treat for you guys. So I went to the shops today at West Lakes because I needed to return an item to Target then I needed to buy a gym ball and a yoga mat from Rebel as my physiotherapist wants me to do some exercises from PhysiApp that requires those things. My old yoga mat broke and was dirty so I threw that away and I got a new one. I am so far enjoying using the gym ball as I did the exercises today. I also did stretches and meditation.

Onto food though…

I went to have lunch at Muffin Break as I was craving their bacon and zucchini slice. It’s the only thing I love from there and their chai latte. The bacon and zucchini slice was mushy though as though it wasn’t cooked for long enough so it was a bit disappointing. I still ate it though but I couldn’t finish it all as it wasn’t that nice today. Usually I can finish it and usually it’s nice as I have had it a couple of times. The rest of it was okay. My chai latte was delicious as always so I enjoyed my hot beverage.

I love eating at Muffin Break even though the sitting area is in an open space opposite Coles. The sofas or lounges are so comfortable that I always sit on those instead of the wooden chairs when I go there. Overall, atmosphere was nice, customer service was very good and food and drink came out quickly although maybe too quickly. The bacon and zucchini slice needed to be cooked longer in the oven.

I probably won’t have the slice for a while but it’s still nice to go there with friends/family as they are known for their muffins not really the slice or if you just want a break from shopping and have a nice coffee/tea. It’s a bit expensive but I guess it’s a popular franchise. It’s worth it. I rate my experience 4 out 5 stars.

What did you eat today?

Happy reading!

Love Nat xx

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