New Pens for Bullet Journalling 2018

Hi everyone

I have been addicted to bullet journaling lately and practicing with different pens. I recently bought some new pens from my local supermarket because I realised I didn’t have that many good ones for journaling.

I have been obsessed with AmandaRachelLee who always has beautiful bullet journals and does beautiful typography. It’s all because of her creativity, practice and the different type of pens that she uses. I really love her bullet journals and designs.

I want to get more pens to be able to do beautiful bullet journals like her. I also want to learn how to do calligraphy. If you don’t know what bullet journals are, they are journals that make you become an organised master using systems like a future log, monthly log or daily log.

You can make just plain notebook your to-do lists, sketchbook and diary. There are different types of systems that you can use and you can bring your own personal touch to them. A great website for an introduction to bullet journaling is You just need a good pen and notebook and you’re all set for bullet journalling.

I have my notebook and have wasted so much paper because I have been unhappy with my designs and have not been happy with the pens that I am using. I am not proud of that. I firstly used a normal ball point pen but found that wasn’t really good enough so I bought these pens that are by Artline.

Artline is a good brand. They have been around for a long time. I bought these ones as they were on sale.

The only problem that I have with the Artline supreme fineliner pens is that they bleed through the paper. I am not really happy about that. I think these are meant to bleed through the paper as it didn’t say anything on the packaging that it is not suppose too. They come in different colours and have a comfortable grip.

The Artline 210 fineline pens has a 0.6 mm tip. It’s suppose to have water based ink so will not bleed through the paper. I have used these pens before and they are quite good for typography. You can see it on the other side but it doesn’t bleed through. These are good for thicker paper as well.

I then bought this Artline 200 fineline pen in black with a 0.4 mm tip. It also has a water based ink so will not bleed through thin paper and it doesn’t unless you press really hard on it. I like these pens as it reminds me of when my dad use to own a newsagency. I would see alot of these pens at his shop and back at my parents home.

I want to get more pens for bullet journalling so if anyone has any recommendations then please leave them in the comments below. I would appreciate it. Going to start a pen collection now designed specifically for bullet journalling and typography. Help!

Happy reading! What pens do you use for journaling?

Love Nat xx

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