UberEats Review: Rice Cake Hot Pot – BAM Adelaide

Hi everyone

I am so sorry I haven’t been posting anything since February but I have just not had the motivation and inspiration too. I am now back. Thank you to those that have recently followed me.

I ordered UberEats, which is a food delivery service app for your smart phone. I was contemplating whether to spend that much money or not as it’s quite expensive ordering UberEats as you have to pay an extra $5 for delivery but considering the cost of employing staff to deliver your food, and the cost of petrol it is worth it.

When I first used UberEats, I was a bit hesitant at first ordering from UberEats as I had read lots of bad reviews about it like the drivers eating your food but when it arrived on time I was very pleased and even gave the driver a tip. I remember my first order was from Honki Tonki and I was pleased with the overall experience from delivery service to the food. Since then I have ordered from them a few times. I am lucky to live in an area where there’s a lot of choices and it’s close to the city so it doesn’t take long. You have to check whether UberEats goes to your area first.

Anyways, I have been curious about BAM, which is a new Korean restaurant on Currie Street. I had always wanted to go there and try their food but never got around too. So I just decided to order something from them as I just discovered them on UberEats recently.

Their ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) was originally 7:28 PM but then it went down to 7:13 PM but they were taking longer than that and I think the UberEats driver didn’t pick it up until 7:20 PM. So it was still earlier than expected and BAM did try to ring me but I didn’t recognise their number so I didn’t pick it up. I don’t answer unknown numbers as there are a lot of scammers nowadays. Who else does that?

I was greeted by a lady even though it was suppose to be a man but the man was driving the vehicle and the lady was the one that gave me the food. I have never had two people in a vehicle before for UberEats. She took a brown paper bag out of a black delivery bag that kept the food warm and I was pleased to say the food was still warm and smelt so good. So that was a double tick. I was definitely looking forward to it.

The ingredients were already cooked and were all separated into different containers, which was another tick. As it meant the food was fresh and the schnitzel didn’t get soggy in the tteokbokki sauce. I got tteokbokki, which is Korean rice cakes and one of my favourite Korean dishes. This rice cake hot pot comes with a pork schnitzel with mozzarella cheese and I also ordered sausages and udon in the side, which cost extra.

I heated it all up in a saucepan first which made it feel like a hot pot and also made it hotter. I then placed it all in a bowl with the schnitzel on top. I really enjoyed my meal and used a Korean metal chopstick that my Aunty got me from Korea. This made it seem more authentic.

The tteokbokki was nice and not too chewy. I have had rice cakes that were too chewy and didn’t taste nice at all so this was good. I am not an expert in Korean food and I have not been to Korea (although I really want too as it’s my dream holiday) so I am not an expert and I don’t really know what tteokbokki is suppose to taste like. But I thought it was so good. The sauce wasn’t too spicy which was what I asked for. You can leave notes for them on the app. I overall enjoyed my meal but I couldn’t finish it as it was quite filling. It had lots of ingredients and flavour.

I rate it 4.5 out of 5 stars. I was just a bit disappointed with the sausages as they were Frankfurt cocktail sausages and not proper sausages, which is what I thought. It made the dish salty and made the dish seem cheap when you had it together with the tteokbokki. Other than that it was a very good experience. I will not order the rice cake hot pot again but I will order from BAM again and try their other dishes. I just wish they weren’t so expensive.

What did you think of my review? Have you tried anything from UberEats?

Happy reading! And have a Happy Easter!

Love Nat xx

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