Tuesday Treat 9.1.18: Two-Bits Villain and Koko Black Adelaide

Hi everyone Today is my day off. I had a nice sleep in then I had my dentist appointment at 11:30 AM so I left the house at about 10:30 AM to catch the bus into town. I was 15 minutes early to my dentist appointment so I recharged my metro card before going to … Continue reading Tuesday Treat 9.1.18: Two-Bits Villain and Koko Black Adelaide

My Week #1: 1 January to 7 January 2018

Hi everyone Happy Monday! Thanks to all my new followers and for those that have left a comment recently. It is great to hear from you! Last week was pretty hectic with work. I worked on New Year's Day from 7:30 AM to 2:00 PM so like I said in my previous post I had … Continue reading My Week #1: 1 January to 7 January 2018

What I Will Write About.

Hi everyone So I said I will post everyday but I found it hard to post everyday as work keeps me busy and I forget about blogging. I am making a plan though on what to write everyday, which will be easier. I also found a notebook that I bought a few years ago from … Continue reading What I Will Write About.

Hello 2018.

Hey everyone Happy new year! I hope you had a great start to the new year. May 2018 bring peace, good health and prosperity. I had a quiet New Year's Eve as I had to work the next day on New Year's Day. I had a lovely dinner though with my family for NYE at … Continue reading Hello 2018.

25 Facts About Me

25 Facts About Me 1. My name is Natalie but my friends call me Nat. 2. I have a Chinese name called Hsiu Juan but I don't know what it means in English. 3. I am Chinese. 4. I was born in Hong Kong but my mum was born in Singapore and my dad was … Continue reading 25 Facts About Me